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Best Foodpics 2017

Rok Restaurant

Once again we have been called by Explore the World to put our best photos of the last 6 months together. Wonder why, but but I only found foodpics for the different categories we should look at, like “relaxed” or “rare”. And here come the parade:


also known as Curuba oder Banana Passionfriut

Have you ever tried a tumbo or curuba or banana passionfruit ? It´s extremely tasty, a little sour and indeed with a hint of passionfruit behind the sort of banana peel… had this at Mercado de Surquillo lately, an excellent food markets full of fruits and vegetables you have probably never seen. Absolute must for foodies should you ever come to Lima.


Beer with a view

What could be more relaxing than a cold beer on a rooftop bar overlooking the red roofs of old town Panama City ?

Correct overlooking the city with a cold German beer instead of a Mexican… but world is not perfect and it would have been far too good. The stopover in Panama was much better than I thought it would be, you can read here what to do if you have 24h only in Panama.

“far away”

Japanese food in Lima
Evil Ebi at Osaka Peru

You don´t have to travel to Japan, far far away at the other side of the world to taste excellent Japanese food… why not just go to Osaka Peru in Lima (or Bogotá) to have this delicious Evil Ebi on a soft bed of sticky rice, slightly sweet and hot at the same time. My favorite at my new favorite restaurant chain… check out Osaka Peru in big cities travelling in Latin America.


Hyatt Regency
What´s wrong …. ?

Ok, no foodpic… you got me here… but it fits the category, is nice and was taken at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dusseldorf. And you could eat at that hotel, so I am not too far off… I think.


Vienna Coffehouse
time stood still at the Café Hawelka in Vienna

The Hawelka in Vienna is not the oldest coffeehouse in Austria´s capital –  since 1945 at the place it is today – but is is one of my favorites. I don´t care about the quantity of tourists here and the waiters have to be unfriendly – would not be a Vienna coffeehouse if not. Just like the atmosphere as it seems the time stood still… you can sit hours in front of your “Großer Brauner” (double espresso with milk), read newspapers, watch the scenery and if you are hungry have an apple strudel…. or two…

“best picture”

Steirereck - Meierei
Best cheese platter ever….

This is definitely my best picture of a cheese platter…. an in fact it probably was the best cheese platter I hat too… it definitely was the place with the biggest cheese selection in a restaurant. Believe it or not, but the Meierei im Stadtpark, Vienna, offers up to 150 cheese varieties and has a special cheese menu. This place belongs to the Steirereck, Michellin starred restaurant and allegedy the best in Austria. Have not tried it yet, but the Meierei is excellent too and  – most importantly – affordable.

Cheers !

straight pisco
Pisco at the bar



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