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Lounge Review: No1 Gatwick North

If you don´t want to be disappointed, do not expect… This is what I do, when I have to fly Easyjet. Even more so if the flight goes via Gatwick. The fact that I have paid for the “speedy boarding” option does not help either. Just means that you are in front of the queue…

However, on one of my regular trips to the island I had to use the cosy airport Gatwick. Unfortunately winter and high risk time concerning the use of British railways. It needs a snowflake only to stop any traffic in the United Kingdom, so I better take some extra time to get from Shoreditch to Gatwick Airport. A day or two would be good, but I just had a couple of hours extra. In the unexpected case that I arrive timely, could hang around in a lounge. Once again: no expectations. What could I possibly find in a low cost carrier hub in terms of lounges ? I was wrong.

Library at No1 Lounge in Gatwick North

No1 Lounge Gatwick North

To get there you just have to make your way through the crowd between Jamies Bar, Starbucks, the shops selling more or less useless stuff and the odd sushi place. On the left side on your way to the gates you will find the lounge area. Next to No1 (also present at metropolises like Birmingham, Edinburgh or T3 at Heathrow) you´ll find the lounges of Emirates, Aspire or Virgin Atlantic.

The grey lobby at No 1 Lounge Gatwick looks classy, check-in with my brand-new Priority Pass no issue and the welcome very friendly. I was surpised how big this lounge was – as I said, had no expectation at all, a warm place and a lousy coffee would have been fine for me that day. Following the floor after check-in you will stumble across the bar offering three beers on draught, two white and red wines by the glass and in the unlikely case you would like to have a glas of water, I´m sure you´ll get it. Only champagne and spirits have to be paid (GBP 8.-), the rest is for free or better said included in the entrance fee.

draught beer
Bar at No1 Lounge

Behind the bar a restaurant area, where you are served food at the table. The offer not bad at all. Not in terms of quality but for its mere existence. On that Friday afternoon the hungry guest could choose between caesar salad (with or without chicken), variety of cheeses, lamb hotpot or root salad. Everything all-in. You just order at table or bar and will be served. You can search a while to find that in a Lufthansa lounge…

View from Lounge
Desk with view

In case you don´t want to sit in the restaurant area, the library will be a good place. Decent light and heavy sofas for sleeping or reading or both. Everything very British… The library will also allow you to work with plenty of desks and plugs and view to the Easyjet fleet. Food is also served in this area. If you order at the bar, you´ll get a number and if you are lucky – like I was – a waiter will find you.

Conclusion: very pleasant lounge with a friendly service and a good offer of drinks. As regards the food you should not have too high expectations, but it is much better than the dry sandwich or wet cookie you´ll find in other places. Very good to rest or work.

Anything else ?

Location: leaving security to the left direction gates 101-113. The lounge area is well marked.

Entry: no bargain. Booked in advance GBP 30.- or direcly at the No1 Lounge GBP 37,50, kids GBP 16.-/18.-.  If you really decide to pay for this experience, be aware that there is another No1 Lounge at the Terminal South and you cannot switch between the terminals. So make sure you book the right place. You will also be granted acces with Priority Pass, Diners Club, Dragon Pass or IoD Pass (Institute of Directors).

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